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Inspiring Personalities

Varthuru Narayana Reddy

The natural farmer who revolutionized methods and teachings of natural farming.

Lakshmi Lokur

Natural farmer based in Bailahongala who almost single handedly manages her farm and markets her produces.

N D Hegde

Pepper farmer from Kumta who is famous for his pepper grafting techniques.

Socio-Economic Impact

Sustainable Practices | ‎Ecological Intensification | ‎Genetic Intensification

Native Circle aims to complete the full circle of organic life cycle – from farm to the table. Ecologically responsible practices, Sustainable methods, farming support system, and a transparent value chain creates equal opportunities for farmers to consumers.

Harish Gowda, Hassan

A young enterprising Mechanical Engineer, who is successfully running a Virgin Coconut Oil production unit called Essential Nectar Pvt Ltd.

Muttanna Poojar, Hanagal

A Shepherd who became a self made successful natural farmer by purchasing a barren land in hanagal.

Ashok Kumar, Kolar

A lecturer-turned-farmer Ashok Kumar, converting his dry land into a productive one is the day-to-day job.

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The raw materials used for all the Native Circle products of travel far from the interiors of Karnataka, so when you buy a product you are also touching the lives of all those who joined hands to create that product.

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Native circle is a conscious effort to go back to the original values and traditions which once shaped the value system of India.
Espousing the natural way of life and living, Native Circle aims to integrate dispersed expertise, successful practices and its own experimental results under one roof to develop an instructive model. Nature education, agriculture, forestry, food, and value-added products being the areas of focus.

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