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Native Circle for Farmers in India
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Empowering farmers through digital connections to realise an economically viable organic society . Launching Native Circle App to reach out to the farming community and empowering it with the right information, guidance and outlets.

Learn what to grow, when to grow & how to grow

Earn profits by growing and selling organic

Native Circle Knowledge Bank

Water warrior of India - Ayyappa Masagi

Story of Ayyappa Masagi who is fighting for the cause of water conservation and management relentlessly.

Dr. Sanjeev Kulkarni of Sumana Sangama

Dr. Sanjeev Kulkarni, a gynaecologist by profession is a versatile personality. He runs a school and has a natural farm called Sumana Sangama.

Venkatagiri - the barefoot botanist

Venkatagiri is a self made botanist who is working hard to conserve endangered species of rare forest and medicinal plants.


Native Circle workshops have been quite popular among natural farming entusiasts. Native Circle started reaching out to the people through its workshops. Usually a successful natural farmer is choosen in a particular cluster/region of any part of Karnataka and farmers and interested people are invited to participate. While the successful farmer/s share their methods of cultivation, disease and pest management, maintaining soil fertility and such issues, the participants interact with them to get the right knowledge and direction. Till now, more than 15 such workshops have been conducted all across karnataka where various topics of natural farming are covered.


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Native circle is a conscious effort to go back to the original values and traditions which once shaped the value system of India.
Espousing the natural way of life and living, Native Circle aims to integrate dispersed expertise, successful practices and its own experimental results under one roof to develop an instructive model. Nature education, agriculture, forestry, food, and value-added products being the areas of focus.

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