Connecting farmers to the consumers

Native Circle intends to bridge the gap between the producers and consumers.

100% Organic

Transparent pricing

Value for money

The transparent chain of production to consumption
Transparant Value for Ethical Farming

Native Circle makes sure that the farmers knows where his produces reach with a reasonable value and the Consumers know where the products are sourced from and how they were grown. To meet the ecological responsibilty, Native Circle uses only ecofriendly Packaging...

Products from ethically harvested source

Ecologically responsible Packaging and Practices

Here's how our farmer support system works

From the humble farming community to today's ecologically sensitive urban consumers - here's how we come into picture.

Native circle comes up with farmer's support system where rural natural farmers are assured support from sowing to reaping till marketing in a professional setup.

Our approach to empowering farmers
Curated Video Content

Best Practices

Successful Methods

Leader Profiles

Succesful farmers in selected regions are profiled. Their methods and practices, outlooks and inventions are documented. Hundreds of such videos are made available online so that the farmers can reach out to the nearest successful farmer around his area.

Holistic Guidance

Real Time Information

Info Based Recommendation

Disease Management

Farmer is assisted to collect realtime data about his farm. Based on the data he is given recommendations about the type of crops he can grow & an overview of possible outcomes based on the weather and other factors. An overview of the market behavior is also given at the time of harvest.

Alliances & Integrations

Educators Support

Market Partners

Third Party Applications

Academic involvement is made from various universities and individuals. Market alliances are struck to guarantee assured market for the farmers. Third party applications like google are used for the real time information.

Farmer Driven Knowledge

Problem Statement Solutions

Real Time Field Data Collection

Nurturing Collectivistic Values

Farmers are encouraged to state their problem areas inorder to derive solutions. Farmers will assist other farmers, share their experiences and insights. Farmers will generate real time field values about a particular region helping to create a holistic information about a particular region.

Transparent Supply Chain

Producers empowerment

Customer awareness

Honest pricing

Farmers are aware of the destiny of their products and customers are aware of the origins of their products. A cost break up is provided for each product so that the customers know where each of the rupee they have spent goes.

Recognition of Producer

Geotag all Products

Interactions Friendly Environment

Provide Specific Datas of Fields

Each producer is recognized by geotagging unique products. Feild specific recommendations tailored just for that producer are provided. Customers are given basic information about the producer who supplied the product or raw materials.

Farmer Success Stories

Water warrior of India - Ayyappa Masagi

Story of Ayyappa Masagi who is fighting for the cause of water conservation and management relentlessly.

Dr. Sanjeev Kulkarni of Sumana Sangama

Dr. Sanjeev Kulkarni, a gynaecologist by profession is a versatile personality. He runs a school and has a natural farm called Sumana Sangama.

Venkatagiri - the barefoot botanist

Venkatagiri is a self made botanist who is working hard to conserve endangered species of rare forest and medicinal plants.


Native circle is a conscious effort to go back to the original values and traditions which once shaped the value system of India.
Espousing the natural way of life and living, Native Circle aims to integrate dispersed expertise, successful practices and its own experimental results under one roof to develop an instructive model. Nature education, agriculture, forestry, food, and value-added products being the areas of focus.

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